Guest Post: 9 Things You Must Give Up To Be Happy

I connected with Dave Scott on Twitter (@davecscott) a while back when he responded to a Tweet I sent about trying to overcome my fears of going down hills in order to try skiing for the first time. Dave’s enthusiasm for skiing was contagious and helped me have fun on the slopes (even while IContinue reading “Guest Post: 9 Things You Must Give Up To Be Happy”

8 Ways This Election is Like a Dirty Divorce

Can I just hibernate until November? Pretty please? I reached election fatigue several months ago and it’s only getting worse with the ever-present coverage and the ever-increasing contemptible behavior from the politicians, the media and even the general public. I miss my educational and informative talk radio during my drives; it has morphed into aContinue reading “8 Ways This Election is Like a Dirty Divorce”

Today is an Exercise

Most Americans are looking forward to today with a mixture of anticipation (Will my candidate win?), trepidation (What if my guy loses?) and relief (Thank goodness all of this will be over.). It’s easy to get caught up in the energy and excitement of the numbers as they are discussed and displayed across TVs andContinue reading “Today is an Exercise”