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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

6 Powerful Ways to Create Your Own Closure After Divorce

I was seeking closure within hours of the unexpected text my husband sent informing me that he was leaving.¬†Feeling powerless at the lack of communication and information, I sat in front of the fire pit feeding photos, notes and letters into the hungry flames. I hoped that the ritual would help me find acceptance thatContinue reading “6 Powerful Ways to Create Your Own Closure After Divorce”

Three Reasons NOT to Seek Closure

I was good at coming up with excuses. I must send him another email (even though he didn’t respond to the first two) so that he knows the impact of what he’s done and it might prompt him to apologize. I have to contact the police about his bigamy because it is a crime andContinue reading “Three Reasons NOT to Seek Closure”


I used to be obsessed with finding closure. I pursued it with the intensity of Tiger chasing a tennis ball, convinced that it contained the peace I so desperately needed. I yearned for it at night and awoke frustrated when it hadn’t been gifted to me in my slumbers. I kept searching for the oneContinue reading “Closed”

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