After Divorce: It DOES Get Better

Just the other day, somebody contacted me who is in the early months of an unwanted divorce. After responding to the specifics of their situation, I ended with, “It DOES get better.” They responded, “Everybody keeps telling me that.”   This is one of those phrases that can seem like a pat response in theContinue reading “After Divorce: It DOES Get Better”

The Many Faces of the Affair Partner

I saw a question posed on Twitter yesterday asking if anyone had written to the affair partner and, if so, what the outcome was. The responses were interesting and quite diverse. It soon became clear that the type of communication (not to mention its aftereffects) with the affair partner were very much dependent on theContinue reading “The Many Faces of the Affair Partner”

After the Affair: When Does the Pain End?

We think of it like a finish line. Or a wall. Some clearly defined boundary, delineating pain from not-pain. After all, that’s how this all started. You had that moment before the discovery of the affair when everything was okay and the world was as it seemed. Then, you had that awful moment, that imageContinue reading “After the Affair: When Does the Pain End?”

Cheaters Are…

Cheaters are…   What’s the first word that comes to your mind? Selfish? Liar? $%&*$? You wouldn’t be wrong.   Goodness knows I have felt – and said – those words along with much worse in regards to my cheating ex and others that have betrayed their partners. I’ve even felt physically ill when inContinue reading “Cheaters Are…”