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Category: Healing From Divorce


Is Divorce Your Only Option?

When I first read this piece by Matt on why he declined to participate in Huffington Post’s collection on when divorce is the only option, my knee-jerk response was that […]

Phases of Moving On After Divorce

One of the most common refrains I hear from people, even years after their divorce, is that they are not yet where they want to be. They offer up reasons […]


Will I Be Alone Forever?

“It’s too late for me.” “I’m too damaged.” “I won’t be able to love again. To trust again.” “Nobody will want me with all this baggage.” “I’m going to be […]

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How to Fall Out of Love

Sometimes I wish everything was as direct and straightforward as teaching algebra. Where every concept begins with a clear definition, which can then be followed by a specific series of […]

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