Category: Healing From Divorce


When New Information Comes to Light

I became conditioned to be afraid of the mail. And the ringing phone. Even email had the ability to send my stomach plummeting down towards my feet. Because each intrusion had the potential of...


Strategies to Override Negative Thoughts After Divorce

It is completely normal to be plagued with negative thoughts during and after divorce. It’s a challenging time where you’re facing loss and uncertainty and your prior coping strategies may not be quite up...


Rewriting the End of a Relationship

The end of your relationship isn’t the end of your dreams or of your happiness. It just may be about discovery, renovation, and learning to let go. ____ When a relationship ends, it is...


The 9 Eye-Opening Realizations That Helped Me Recover From an Unwanted Divorce

When you’re facing an unwanted divorce, it’s natural to be mired in the unfairness and tragedy of it all. Goodness knows, I spent a significant amount time cursing what was done to me and...


Divorce: Formulating Your Exit Strategy

Deciding to divorce is only the first step. Next, especially if you expect your partner to put up a fight, it’s critical to develop your exit strategy. Ensure Your Basic Needs Are Met Before...

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