Have Your Cake and Spinach Too: Dessert Flavored Green Smoothies for Health & Weight Loss

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Green smoothies are gaining in popularity as people realize that they are a great way to increase your consumption of leafy greens in a easy and great-tasting smoothie.

You may be amazed to discover that spinach can be make to taste like a mint chocolate chip shake or that kale can be blended into an apple crisp smoothie! Green smoothies are a great, easy way to eat (okay, actually drink) your veggies while enjoying great flavor and the convenience of a shake.

Leafy greens are low in calories yet high in vitamins, fiber and minerals. Their high water content means that it is difficult to eat them whole and raw in large quantities but this same characteristic makes them very blendable. It is quite easy to make almost half a pound of greens disappear into your smoothie!

In addition to the greens, these smoothies are chock full of other healthy ingredients: fruits, nuts, seeds, spices and even dark chocolate. These filling foods mean that these smoothies make a great snack or even a meal and can be a great component of a weight loss plan.

Many of these recipes are kid-friendly and can be a great way to encourage a greater intake of fruits and vegetables.

One of my favorite benefits of green smoothies is that they are easy. The greens don’t require any special prep. The oven is never turned on. All I have to do is throw a bunch of ingredients in the blender and let the machine do its job. It doesn’t get any easier!

This collection of recipes is sure to please your palate and your health!

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