How Your Belief in a Soul Mate is Holding You Back

I’ve never been one to believe in soul mates. Even when my 22-year-old self said “I do” to the man I thought was perfect for me, I didn’t perceive him as “the one.” And that idea may have saved me. Because when the man-who-wasn’t-the-one decided to leave the marriage with a text message one day,Continue reading “How Your Belief in a Soul Mate is Holding You Back”

The Best is Yet to Come

I had a conversation the other day where I challenged someone to describe the good that came from a recent and devastating break-up (I know, you’re shocked, right?). Part of her response- I love knowing that my best and happiest love is yet to come. I have that to look forward to. She actually madeContinue reading “The Best is Yet to Come”