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When Would You Want to Know?

Brock and I have been talking a lot about marriage lately – our own, others and just marriages in general. Last night, on the drive home from the last holiday party of the season,...


Taking a Test Drive and the Allure of New Beginnings

I test drove a new car today. It was shiny and unblemished next to my worn and pockmarked almost-sixteen-year-old car. Its pristine surfaces spoke not of its past but whispered of its future. This...



There’s a simple reason most diets ultimately fail.   Mindset at the outset.   Most diets possess at their core a sense of giving up something that you want. Relinquishing that which you desire....


Why People Cheat

I never thought I’d tackle this post. First of all, if I could answer this question with certainty, I certainly would not be teaching middle school math; I’d be taking over Oprah’s spot. The...

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