The 8 Loneliest Moments After Divorce (And How to Lessen Their Sting)

There is no escaping the feeling of loneliness after divorce. After all, a shared life has been cleaved into two separate paths. The sense of isolation is a quiet companion for much of the time, although some circumstances cause it to wake up wailing. Here’s when you can expect the loneliness to be at its worstContinue reading “The 8 Loneliest Moments After Divorce (And How to Lessen Their Sting)”

Understanding and Addressing Loneliness After Divorce

It has been postulated that loneliness is one of the primary epidemics of our age. Loneliness is much more complex then it may seem; the single person living alone may not be lonely while the married person constantly surrounded with others might be. Teenagers today, never far from their countless social media feeds, report feelingContinue reading “Understanding and Addressing Loneliness After Divorce”

I Feel Alone

On the day I met my soon-to-be-ex husband in court, I was asked by the judge to wait in the hallway while she and attorneys consulted with my husband. I have never felt so alone. I sat trembling on that austere bench in that impersonal hall with tears streaming down my face. My past wasContinue reading “I Feel Alone”

One Isn’t the Loneliest Number

  The song tells us that one is the loneliest number.   The song lies.   Because two has the potential to be lonelier than one could ever be.   When you’re one – alone and single – you know your position. You harbor no false hopes of connection. You carry no expectations of companionship.Continue reading “One Isn’t the Loneliest Number”