Finding the Sweet Spot Between Naivete and Panic

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  1. Julie Baun says:

    This was so good- it brought tears to my eyes– remembering the same feelings and anxieties–wanting so badly for certain things to be true or not true… There is a balance to be found – even in real authentic love. Thanks for sharing

  2. Jana says:

    I am not in a new relationship, but this is a constant fear of mine. Did my first two marriages, and the subsequent betrayal in both, damage me to the point that I will never fully trust again? That I’ll never be able to unconditionally open up my heart to someone? It freaks me out just thinking about it. Then I start to worry that because I’m already worried, I will never find anyone to love again anyway. Oye, it’s just crazy!

  3. Susan says:

    I know so many go through this, even if they are in a 2nd or 3rd marriage that is oh so good. Those memories from the previous marriage, especially if we were the ones who truly got hurt send up a ‘red alert signal’ often when there really does need to be one. Its always important to check in on ‘the state of the union’ with our current spouse, but the past does not have to be the present and letting of the stories and beliefs we created about ourselves from the past is so important. When dreams about the hurt from the past come up we know that our higher self is nudging us to let go of some old memory , experience or story. Turning towards our current spouse to openly and vulnerably share often bonds the marriage even more.

  4. Yep. Me too. The relationship PTSD hits still when I least expect it. I’m lucky to have an understanding husband. So are you. 😊

  5. I have taken a break from finding love. But what you wrote makes me feel hopeful ❤️❤️❤️

  6. David says:

    What I enjoy most about your writings is the honest flaws of all our egos. In my opinion we all are so selfish, self centered and so blind. So hopeful yet not nearly as loving of one another as we should be. It seems like a chaotic mess but yet we manage to stop to smell more than roses. And with your words this last month, as I stumble out of my 20 year marriage and fall into your collection of thoughts I see I am not alone in the other side, I just hope my ex realizes this as well…. there are two sides to everything, and if we ALl love this world and each other as we should, than there are really over 9 billion sides. Peace sign Lisa. Love yer work

    • We easily occupy the echo chamber of our minds and fail to weigh equally other – and often valid- perspectives. May your stumbles soon turn to confident strides.

  1. April 22, 2019

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