When Will I Feel Better?

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  1. movingliquid says:

    Amen. I could not agree more. Thanks for this.

  2. One day you just find that a part of your pain or hurt is gone. Not all of it – and pieces remain, but it’s always good to recognize what you have moved beyond, and what is left.
    Thanks for your words.

  3. All excellent advice as usual, I cannot emphasize enough to others the importance of eating quality healthy food. I have gone so far as to dramatically reduce my gluten intake in an effort to avoid the duality of depression and anxiety and it is working. Nurture yourself after a divorce.

  4. Magnumsmom says:

    Thanks needed that, tomm would of been twenty nine and all week I have been on pins and needles. I want to scream, I want to forget. I know that after tomm it will get a little better until the next memory. 🙁

  5. aprileb says:

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    Amen to this.

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    Thought this was very good…no pressure, just progress…move forward the best way you know how.

  7. kami says:

    I find it amazing how you are able to put into words what really happens once you do “let yourself be and feel what needs to be” in the moment and then as soon as that wave is over you try to make little changes before the next set back. I measure my time by my girls school holidays, they break up today for Easter and I am not the same person I was back in January. The only difference made by a slow gradual consistent change in my attitude and perspective. I dare say I am happy these days, compared to the darkness of only a few months ago and all I’ve done is follow a lot of your tips for coping, I’ve changed my perspective, I’ve found “stuff to do”, which in turn is bringing new people and more things to do filling up a big void that was there well before the discovery of my husband’s betrayal. Thank you! 🙂

  8. Brian says:


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