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  1. Lisa, your blogs often resonate with me, as I have gone through the pain of the end of a marriage, in addition to being on a journey to find “my happy”. These wise lessons are applicable to every day life, and reading them first thing this morning was a nice addition to a cold, foggy morning, as it helped to clear the mental fog from my mind. Many thanks!

  2. I wouldn’t say that ‘being angry and playing victim’ was a waste of time. Firstly, it was inevitable considering the manner in which you were left. To have not felt like that would have meant you were a machine, inhuman. Secondly, to have felt like that gave you the sheer tenacity to not just survive but thrive, and ultimately where you are today. One does not go straight from being thrown into a deep dark cavern to being on top of the world. One has to climb the mountain. And it is the climbing that makes us who we are, not the view from the top.
    Thirdly, having been there and now being ‘on top of the mountain’ is inspirational to others. This helps others (like myself) who are still trudging to keep going. There is this empowerment you give to us all – that we can get there too.

    • It wasn’t a waste of time to be there, but it would have been a waste of time to stay there. I think sometimes I deny that part because I don’t want to be that woman anymore.


  3. thanks for sharing the article. much of what is mentioned really sticks out to me, especially relating to the feeling of being lost and knowing that even though there is so much positive rebuilding that comes after a divorce, it’s hard to start that rebuilding when everything in your life is turned upside down.

  4. Steve Kubien says:

    Sadly, I am largely stuck on angry & victimised. I thought I was further along than that but recently, I was confronted by the truth; I am still bitterly, hateful angry for what she has done and I am in full victim mode. I’m also very badly hurt that she can move one so quickly. That shouldn’t shock me as I know she checked out of our marriage years ago.

    It still completely sucks.

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