5 Benefits Of Bawling Your Eyes Out

All too often, we focus on being strong, remaining stalwart.  This unyielding shell may not reveal the pain inside, yet still it lingers.  Give yourself permission to feel.  Let the armor fall and allow the tears to fall with it.  True strength comes when you embrace the pain prior to its release.  Give yourself permissionContinue reading “5 Benefits Of Bawling Your Eyes Out”

Anger Deflation

My biggest stumbling block was (and at times, continues to be) anger.  I could not get past the deliberate nature of what he had done.  Holding me, telling me how much he loved me and would miss me while his bride’s ring sat in his car, ready to be placed on her finger within theContinue reading “Anger Deflation”

Anger is a Succubus

Anger.   It is so easy to go there.  To stay there. Why did he do this to me?  How could he have done these things? What a (fill in the blank with your favorite expletive)! That anger is a succubus; she’ll draw you in, tempting you, and then slowly suck you dry, leaving you brittleContinue reading “Anger is a Succubus”

A Tale of Two Friends

Most wellness experts define several dimensions of wellness, including: physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social.  Ultimately, to be healthy and happy, one should strive to balance those five areas, letting no one dominate.  This is easier said than done, especially as we all naturally gravitate to the areas that feel the most comfortable to us. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Friends”