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How to Ease the Torment of Infidelity

Finding out that your partner has cheated is a special kind of hell. From the incessant questions that plague your uneasy mind to the sense of rejection and unworthiness, an affair causes pain like no other.

It was only later, once I had gained some perspective on that period in my own life, when I realized that I was unintentionally doing some things that made my torment even worse.

Could you be doing the same and not even realize it?

Find out here. And then make some easy changes to feel better.


  1. Time to gain the space needed to breathe and realize that past the hurt is strength to build upon. Every day is a different story and an opportunity for growth. Mistakes happen and we torture ourselves, at times, in the middle of finding the way back to ourselves. No one should tolerated being disrespected as this. There are no excuses.

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