Eleven Traps That Hold You Back After Divorce

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  1. another great post, I do love this blog. But my question is which one of the reasons given held you back? Mine was Super-Parent, there was no other reason.

    • Mostly “why” along with a dash of “fear” and “vengeance.” It was hardest for to get past the way it happened and the years of deceptions, including the financial impact.

      Thank you for your support:)

  2. Most definitely the Why and fear and vengeance for me as well….still struggling with these. But am starting to see glimmers of freedom. Tired of these consuming me. But as you know it’s hard to overcome when your life is turned upside down. For me the fear is very very real. Not to negate anyone else’s here. But I was and am literally financially dependent on him. I was a stay at home parent who is now mostly physically disabled an unable to hold down a job. Much less one that pays anything. Thankfully he will legally have to support me. I am 55. But that doesn’t take away the fear of him disappearing or losing his job. Which would change things for the scarier. Next step will be to apply for disability to help ease some fears. Long road ahead. Wishing all of you better days ahead. Again, thank you for your wise insight.

    • That would add immensely to the fear. Good luck with the disability; that would give you some needed breathing room. And glad to hear you’re seeing glimmers. May they continue to shine ever brighter:)

  3. tywood12 says:

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    I checked them all off

  4. Ansley says:

    You cover the myriad of emotions that hold you back after a divorce. My friend is going through this right now and I have to share your blog with her.

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