To-Be List

I would wager that barely a day goes by where you are not at least partially driven by a to-do list. Whether scribbled on a slip of paper, stored neatly in your phone’s database or merely a memorized inventory of all that you need to accomplish, you move from one task to another. As you cross each item off the list – laundry, gym, phone call to the bank – you feel a sense of accomplishment. But all too often, that feeling of achievement is short-lived as you look back down at the ever-growing list of tasks that need attending.


To-do lists are important. They keep us organized and productive. They help to maximize our time and ensure that necessary items are addressed.


To-do lists are important.


But they are not everything.


Because we are so much more than simply the tasks we accomplish. Our value is found more in who we are than in how much we can cross off in a day.

Learn how to be today!


6 thoughts on “To-Be List

  1. This was a conscious change I made a few months ago. To just be happy. Everything else is not a priority as much as MY happiness and judging being. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

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