I Do Again: Remarriage Advice

It’s quite funny. I’ve been engaged for a year but for some reason, many of my coworkers only realized that I was getting married soon after the following picture made it on Facebook:



There is something about a picture (and the word “bride” by my face!) that makes it real. I feel very comfortable about the decision to marry again. It has been deliberate and each step towards commitment has been intentional.

I found this article, Ten Tips For Those Considering Remarriage, on Psychology Today. It’s good advice and helps you make sure that you’re thinking with your head as well as your heart (or your fear!) as you make the decision to remarry. Even if you feel that remarriage is well in your future (or you don’t think you’ll ever venture down the aisle again), it’s a good checklist to help you take inventory of your current emotional health and relationships.



11 thoughts on “I Do Again: Remarriage Advice

  1. To be honest, if I were to be divorced, I doubt I would ever get married again. I don’t see many advantages to it (unless you are raising children), as compared to the pitfalls and disadvantages. I know a lot of men (and some women) my age kinda feel the same. But I do wish you good luck!

    1. I was ambivalent about legal marriage for quite a while. I did know that I wanted a long term monogamous relationship, as I loved being married and I wanted that basic structure again. Marriage isn’t perfect and it certainly isn’t a panacea, but I don’t hold the institution responsible for my ex’s decisions. For me, marriage is the right choice. For others, it may not be. And there is nothing at all wrong with that.

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