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5 thoughts on “Life Doesn’t Make Sense

  1. gemmautting – A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I specialize in pre-marital preparation and relationship repair. A committed, long-term relationship is going to call you into places of deep personal awareness and growth like nothing else can. Learning how to allow this, how to respond without defensiveness and how to gracefully expand into the best possible version of yourself - whether before you say "I do" - is my joy and life's work.
    gemmautting says:

    Personally I’m glad we can’t make sense of it. Clearly this means that life / reality is WAY bigger than our small imaginations can grasp. I love the idea of moving on to “what can be” . . .

  2. Those words just hit home for me– I am always searching for a rational explanation for an irrational behavior. i just need to accept what it is, let it rest and move forward through the anguish. I usually “poo poo” these inspirational quotes– but this one worked for me. Thank you.

  3. gerrysmum – Strood, Kent – Still loving life with Pete the cat but without the boyfriend. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 is going to bring
    gerrysmum says:

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    I love this and it definitely describes my current journey through my new life

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