Getting Away With Bigamy

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  1. Unbelievable. Too much craziness out there. Seriously.

  2. Oh, the power of karma ♥

  3. Steve says:

    It took me a long time to truly believe that “what comes around, goes around” or “you’ll get yours”. The thing is, over the years, I’ve seen it first hand and more than once.

    I now fully believe that your ex will get his.

    • I think so too mainly because if you go through life treating people poorly, you will not be treated well yourself. I have faith in karma which is why I chosen not to reveal his identity. Karma sees right through aliases:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Karma has no deadline.

  5. I jay don’t understand the need or want for more than one wife. Seriously? This is beyond what I can comprehend and I’m a smart cookie. Now I understand not wanting to be married, leaving and never asking for a divorce because you are chicken. But why marry someone else especially when living common law is now the norm?

    • I know. It’s nuts. I can’t speak for other cases, but in mine, it appears as though the marriage needed to be “legal” so that he could obtain a visa to go to Uganda and so that he could take out insurance on her. In other words, the marriage was all part of the con. He never thought he would get caught.

  6. Chico says:

    I can’t fathom someone wanting to be married twice at the same time. Serial marriage takes enough of a toll! But maybe if I had married them all at the same time I could have come to my senses earlier.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As an LDS member (aka Mormon) I can tell you that we do not condone polygamy of any kind. In fact, they will be ex communicated if they do. The people that say they’re Mormon and are polygamist are not actually members of the LDS church.
    That being said, I can’t believe that so many people try to get away with this. My husband just left me, and its been a roller coaster ride. People can’t handle being married to one person, what makes them think adding another one to the mix is a good idea?? Gee Wiz!

    • Thank you for sharing. It is such a roller coaster ride. I know in my case, my husband wasn’t thinking…I have the feeling that’s probably the case in many situations like this! I hope your roller coaster evens out for you and give you a nice, gentle upward climb! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Well polygamy is no longer part of the LDS religion because they obey the law of the land. It is still part of the religion a man may be sealed to multiple wives for eternity, while a woman would have to ask the highest level of church leadership to unseal her first marriage if she wanted to get sealed to another.

  8. Danielle Alease Jeffries says:

    I know someone who is a bigamist. He has a wife in Seattle and one here in Maryland. Can he go to jail for that and how long???

    • It is illegal. In fact, it is a felony in many states. The case would be in the state where the second marriage occurred. If the second wife knows of the first, she can also be prosecuted. Jail time is usually a possibility on the books, but from what I know, rarely occurs. The fact of the matter is that cash-strapped states don’t pursue bigamy too aggressively. In my case, there is a warrant for my ex, but that’s all.

  9. lovetonurseokie says:

    my nieces husband is a bigamist. He married his wife best friend before the divorce was finalized. His new wife being pregnant had complications and passed away. He has now received 500,000 accidental life insurance on wife # 2. Is this legal? He is still not legally divorced.

    • Wow. Not sure on the legality aspect. My ex was told he would have to annul the second marriage (don’t know if he did) which leads me to believe that it had some legally binding aspect. Wouldn’t it be crazy if something happened to him and the money passed to wife #1?

  10. Darlene Vasquez says:

    There are other reasons to commit bigamy. I have not done so but me and my “husband” have wanted to be married for a very long time and have thought about it a million times.. We have been together 27 yrs. Living together 22. I had been separated 3 yrs. when I met him. My ex was very abusive and would not give me a divorce. It took me two years after I left him to finally leave me alone. After that I never wanted to see him again and stir things up. I am still deathly afraid of him. My “husband” and I love each other vary much and just wish we could really get married.

  11. missruffin says:

    Wow! If I understand correctly…….The husband living with two wives and they agree to a 3rd can all go to jail? If a wife passes away, the husband gets the life insurance so, which wife legally gets a man’s pension, social security, house etc upon his death? Does the government offer assistance to the three wives with kids if passes?

    • I have no idea! I do know in my case, my ex’s other marriage wasn’t legal (according to the district attorney), but they were still supposed to get it annulled (not sure if this ever happened). I do know that, until I remarried, I was entitled to his SSN death benefits if he happened to keel over. I’m still amazed at how easy it is to commit bigamy since there is no easy way to check records. They basically take your word for it that you’re single.

  12. Mimi says:

    I was married to a man that was married to three women the same time married to me. He was quite the ladies man.
    I found out the second time I married him. I did divorce him legally the first and second time. It is a juicy story, which at the time I didn’t think was juicy. I was taken back.
    The nine year affair he had with his mistress while still married to me was shocking. Working third shift, he would leave our children alone and sneak out after I left for work. She never lived very far from any place we lived.
    It didn’t seem fair, but he always had two women. Then one day my son called me at work and told me there was a fire in the basement. I told him wake up your dad, he said,he wasn’t there and never was at home. I left work and drove home only to discover that the TV set in the basement had water in the back of it and started a fire. The basement and kitchen smelled of smoke, the house with the children could have been destroyed. I was amazed there wasn’t more damage.
    These are just a few of the many and I mean many stories I put up with. I could write a book.
    Many life’s destroyed, but his life went on the no shame, no guilt.
    I hope and pray that the women of today look up every and anything they can about their man before marriage.
    My son says if there were computers then,he may have been caught.Thats why there is a waiting period after you register for a marriage license.
    I really enjoyed reading your story as sad as it is, then we know we are not the only women taken for a ride. A life long ride.
    Thanks for reading.

    • stilllearning2b says:

      Wow. How frightening that he could get away with all that. I’m so glad the fire wasn’t a tragedy. Thank you for sharing your story.

      When I remarried, I went prepared with evidence that I had been divorced. It wasn’t needed. All I had to supply was the date that the divorce was final. No wait period, no documentation, nada.

      The laws where my ex had his second marriage were similar, although there was talk about amending them after his case.

      Even with computers, marriage records are kept at the state level. So it’s relatively easy to enter into another marriage in a different state. The real question is, why would want to??? 🙂

      • Mimi says:

        The first divorce my husband was in court for the divorce.There were three cases ahead of us, the judge asked all three cases for proof of divorce, when we were called up the judge didn’t ask him nor myself if we were ever married previously.
        I was afraid to say anything because he threatened to tell my one big secret and it wasn’t that I was married to another man before him. When we were together he snooped into my personal paperwork and found out “my secret” and was ready to use it against me. He was a violent man, if you had a newborn baby in your arms he would hit you. I really was very frightened believe me.
        He followed me home after the first divorce, to our home and by the way I lost my beautiful home in the divorce, the judge asked if he wanted the house and he said no, so it fell on me. I couldn’t afford the mortgage payment so I signed the house back to the mortgage company.
        The minute my mother and I walked thru the door the phone rang, it was his girlfriend. Cell phones were not out then, but she knew the minute we walked thru the door. She said he promised to marry her after the divorce. I sure hope he waited six months. She knew our phone number and address it was scary, all I could think about was our house keys were on his keychain, she could have made a copy when he was with her. He never let his pants or keys out of his site, they were always on the floor next to him when he was in bed. When he was in the bathtub, his keys and wallet were in the bathroom with him.
        My horror story, the divorce was over thirty years ago. Still fresh in memory and that’s all it is, just a memory.

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