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  1. maria5125 says:

    I’ve learned that I’m not good at handling transitions, especially when it came to heart break… I didn’t sleep or eat for months… But it has made me stronger, so hopefully next time something bad happens I’ll be able to cope a little better. Of course I hope I never have to go through anything bad ever again, but that’s not realistic, I’m instead hoping that I’m better prepared.

  2. foroneplease says:

    That is so true, we always do fool ourselves thinking things will always be the way they are! For me..accepting the fact completely that the change is occurring no matter what, helps me come to terms with it 🙂 Transitions into a forced reality are never easy, but acceptance is always the better choice,it helps to focus on what can be changed or what needs to be done, instead of being stuck in y’day… that’s my experience. But even now, easier said than done 😉 LOL!

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