The Value of Taking a Rebuilding Year

I am a Braves fan. It’s a tough year to be a Braves fan. The manager has been fired. The players have been traded. And traded again. And the overall team is green. Showing potential, but held down by inexperience. And all of that is intentional. A couple years ago, the team was strong, butContinue reading “The Value of Taking a Rebuilding Year”

Back to the Past

I recently stumbled across this spreadsheet mixed in with a bunch of math files on an old USB drive. It’s eye-opening to revisit. I remember writing this one day, sitting at my desk after work. I had just made the decision to remain in Atlanta for the following school year and give my nascent relationshipContinue reading “Back to the Past”

Starting Over

“I can’t do this.” “Why should I try again? I’m just going to fail.” “Maybe I’m just no good at this.” “I’m tired of trying.” I hear those refrains from my coaching clients about lifestyle changes. I hear them from my blog followers about relationships. And, most of all, I hear them from my studentsContinue reading “Starting Over”