15 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’ve Been Cheated On

When you discover that you have been cheated on, your mind immediately begins spinning with questions – “How could they do this?” “Why is this happening to me?” “Am I ever going to be okay again?” Those questions are completely understandable. After all, the person who trusted the most has betrayed you, ripping the well-lovedContinue reading “15 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’ve Been Cheated On”

Cheater Aversion Syndrome

One rarely-discussed side effect of being cheated on is the vicersal reaction that occurs when you witness infidelity secondhand, even when it only involves strangers. The symptoms can be severe and may include any or all of the following: a sense of disgust and even nausea a feeling of panic or needing to leave theContinue reading “Cheater Aversion Syndrome”

The Pitch-Black Room

Heartbreak is a pitch-black room. At first, you’re disoriented. Confused. How did the familiar world become replaced by this sarcophagus of grief? There are no windows. No doors. Only darkness. And you’re all alone. You can hear life as usual just outside your walls, but you are separated from the activity. The air feels funny.Continue reading “The Pitch-Black Room”

Five Surprising Upsides to Being Cheated On

Nobody needs to tell you about the pain of being cheated on. You’re living that every moment. Instead, I want you to know about the silver linings that can be found amidst the ruins of the betrayal.