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My First-Ever New Year’s Resolution

I’m generally not a fan of resolutions – they generally aim too high, lack staying power and lead to feelings of guilt and failure when they inevitably crash and burn. But this year, I’m...


Looking the Wrong Direction

When I was young, I used to drive my mom crazy by insisting upon walking one direction while holding my gaze steady in another. When the inevitable collisions and falls occurred, I would cry...


8 Positive Life Events That Can Stress Your Relationship

We often underestimate stress. Not the frenetic energy of the I-have-a-deadline-to-meet panic or the constant fear of how the bills are going to get paid this month. But the other stress. The good stress....


Domino of Desire

So the kitchen renovation is now basically complete. The planned replacements are installed – new cabinet veneer hiding the scars of old wood, the new counter tops and back splash taking the place of...

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Should I Wait Until After the Holidays to Ask For a Divorce?

Sometimes the decision to divorce coincides with the arrival of the holiday season. In some cases, the decision has been made and the separating couple has to decide if they are going to keep...

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