Six Reasons You’re Not Seeing the Results You Expected

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  1. Arin Hunt says:

    Wow. As usual, timely, relevant and the perfect blend of validating and challenging. Of all the online resources I’ve utilized to support myself through my unwanted divorce, your writings rise to the top. You manage to make me feel both heard/understood/acknowledged and also pushed to stretch and grow. The fitness comparison speaks to me in a big way. Sometimes I think half the reason I run and work out is because it provides a mental break for me that allows me to recognize the lessons waiting to be embraced in other areas of my life. I will be thinking about this for awhile. Well done.

    • stilllearning2b says:

      Wow. Greatly humbled by your words. Thank you:) My goal is to dance that think line between comforting people and pushing them. I think that comes from my years of teaching math!

      And I am SO with you on working out being as much for the mental as the physical!

  2. Very insightful – very relevant

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