6 Self-Care Tips When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By Divorce

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  1. DFMGhost says:

    I really need to reinforce point 1.The biggest challenge is when those people work with you and you need the job. It’s not constant, thankfully.

  2. Great list, super essential.

    Everyone is a little different but these do include some universals I have seen work for me personally and have witnessed as things that work in others.

    On the energy one, I would add that it’s helpful to keep a log of everything that builds your energy up and use that like first psycholical first aid when you need it. Things that I turned to included daily yoga, weekly dancing, going to the comedy club monthly.

    Similarly I cut news on all devices out of my life cold turkey.

    On sleep

    I learned that walking in the evening would exhaust me to be able to fall asleep, however walking and running both generate cortisol. That works like a time release pill to wake a person up 2-3 hours after drifting off. Definitely get some exhausting movement in during the day, try to give yourself three hours of less movement in the evening, dancing worked better for me then(no running man moves or ball room or swing) 🌞

    But find what works for you and write it down!

    In our low moments it’s not easy to remember these things. Having it written down can save your life and get you through it happier and healthier eventually.

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