What Is Your “I’m Not Enough” Telling You?

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    Powerful stuff x thank you stilllearning2b

  2. V.J. Knutson says:

    It was divorce that made me realize I had lived my life “never being good enough”. The realization came with a flood of anger and also the recognition that we create what we believe. I practiced loving my “I am” before committing to another relationship. It was the least I could do for myself. As always, love your posts.

  3. nofaithpoet says:

    After several years of getting angry at her and then blaming myself, leaving was the best thing. Years of feeling like a failure taunted and still taunt me. Although in my case, I never learned to love myself completely. I know it has more to do with knowing who I am than thinking about my marriage. As I move on in life, I need to be more confident about myself to prevent feeling so low and worthless again.

  4. Every day. All the time. Im a waste

  5. Found out he started dating within weeks of finalizing our divorce, if not before. It’s hard not to be wrecked by that, and not wonder why these new people mean more than 7 years, wedding vows, and a life built together.

    I’m working to let it go, but the persistent voice in my head constantly questions why he would have left if I were enough…

  6. This. Yes. “Enough”? Even still after 6 years. Doesn’t help that he’s on GF #2 who is pretty, petite, successful, and seemingly ‘perfectly matched’ (as seen from a completely unknowing perspective). Also doesn’t help that I’ve been attempting to date for several years with no real connections made. “must not be enough for them either…”
    Oh the stories our minds tell us…the tangled webs we weave.

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