Controlling Your Divorce

Part of what makes divorce so difficult is that so much of what is happening around you – and to you – is completely out of your control. It’s scary. It’s crazy-making. It’s infuriating.

And it also doesn’t have to be so bad. Learn how you can control your divorce. 




3 thoughts on “Controlling Your Divorce

  1. I had been verbally abused and gaslighted for several years when I asked for a divorce. I lost a job and had to discontinue school so had some debt at this time and no help from him. Since I was unemployed, I tried to get free counsel but he wouldn’t agree to the terms. He said I couldn’t do anything right and threatened to take me to the court where his attorney and the judge previously yelled at and interrogated me. Frightened by this, I ended up with no representation and signed papers at his attorneys office. He wouldn’t give me the house where I could have lived with my college age and younger child. I had to get a cosigner to get an apartment with my younger child a couple towns away. Apparently, he had all the help he needed, but if you have the finances and support you’ll get through this much better.

  2. Brilliant words again, Lisa. The ‘fair’ issue really resonated in particular. I must stop believing the world owes me any degree of fairness right now. That will come once this door is firmly closed.

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