How the Language We Use Reveals Our Assumptions

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  1. bechanson says:

    What is the female term for emasculate? If a woman does something better than a man he feels emasculated (for example beats him at chess, or cuts down more trees than him), if a man does something better than a woman there is no term, we aren’t ‘defeminised’. When I had a higher sex drive than my husband, he felt emasculated (I suppose the other way around I would have been frigid).

  2. AthenaC says:

    All very true. To do my part to remedy this, I’ve honestly just taken to using the word “asshole” to apply to both males and females who lie, break promises, and just generally fail to be compassionate. I will even own up to myself as an asshole from time to time.

  3. So many gender stereotypes that you’ve raised…very well said. I made the mistake of perusing some of the “betrayed wife” websites and they routinely refer to the “other woman” as whores. But the vitriol is mostly reserved for the other women, not the other men.

    It’s conversations like these that really make us stop and think about the assumptions we do make. I also found it when I made the decision to have surgery to prevent my ability to have children anymore (which was only partially due to medical reasons)… SO many people had reactions that I guarantee were different from hearing a man saying he was having a vascetomy.

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