A Geographic

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  1. Once again, you nail it! I am experiencing that very same drive for “a geographic” in my own life, and while it’s slightly terrifying, it is also somewhat exhilarating. Thank you again for an insightful read.

  2. WOW…I did the same exact thing when me and the STBXW seperated…at one point I was even considering moving to the UK.
    Now I look at the town where we used to live (she still resides there) when I drive through it as nothing more than the place I used to live at.
    Thanks Lisa for showing me I’m not the only one

  3. FireWalker says:

    I think about a geographic….often. But I’m afraid with 4 kids, I’m trapped. Well for at least another 12 years.

  4. a Thanksgiving tradition calling to you? 😉

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