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  1. muddy runner says:

    You do such a great job of putting into words thoughts, feelings and emotions that I struggle to express. It’s just the thing that helps me move forward…

  2. muddy runner says:

    I really want you to know that your blog has been an immense help for me. Thanks again…

  3. Thanks for sharing this! As I continue to navigate a new life as a divorced mother of two, this is a topic that I have contemplated and feared. What if I don’t meet anyone whom I can have a genuine and intimate relationship with again? How do I get over the feeling that it is just too much work and risk to enter into a close relationship again? You know the drill, and this helps to remind me that I am not alone and that what I am seeking can be found and formed. Many thanks!

  4. This, this is what scares me. The idea of opening, the thought of intimacy at this level with a stranger. Does that seem odd? I just can’t begin to imagine this level of trust, again someday in the future.

    • Scared the hell out me. Intimacy and trust are a process. By the time you get there with someone, they’re no longer a stranger. But it’s still scary. So, nope, not odd at all:)

  5. I love this article. As I get back into dating I’m definitely realizing that I was expecting the comfort level I had with my former husband to just magically happen. In fact, I kind of think I messed things up with one guy I was seeing by sharing too much too soon. Lessons learned!

  6. Love it. Thank you for sharing such great insights most people in this world simply refuse to acknowledge as true… and that’s why so many potentially great relationships are doomed to fail before they’re even allowed to start.

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