The Marshmallow Test

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  1. Magnumsmom says:

    I don’t like commenting when I am not familiar with a person. But if he snaps and complains he doesn’t have time, when will he give you time?? I am familiar because I worked two jobs for over ten years to pay his debt, even got money from a family business I used to pay his bills. When the money ran out so did he. Maybe Brock had a lot on his mind, but I would probably run (just from experience)! My prayers are with you.

    • That’s my fear since that’s basically what my ex did, but that’s not the current reality. He snapped because he’s feeling overwhelmed. We then had a great hour + conversation prior to spending an entire day together. He has been amazing and so patient as I work through the poisons from my past.

  2. Marg says:

    I went to work, parented the kids, house cleaning, shopping, laundry, etc., etc., Also took night classes to get ahead, provide us with a better future, etc., but he was messing around with the neighbor.

    Feel so lonely. Talk a lot more to the dog and cat. I go to the store or the library. Can’t do to much because of health issues, but it seems such a strange way of life. I keep thinking things will get better and then they do, and then they don’t. Like living in a swamp and I keep going under.

    All the lies – God how I hate lies and lies and lies. ?All those years for nothing?

  3. Magnumsmom says:

    Know what is funny, woman I know who treat their husbands like crap, expecting them to bring home all the bacon because any money they make they keep, they don’t do housework and expect to be treated like princesses are still married. Their husbands adore them. Woman who work their butts off, do all housework, and never complain get dumped to the curve. My therapist has recommended a book ‘Why Men Love Bitches’, I will definitely read before my next relationship (if I ever do have one, stupid me still loves the jerk!)

  4. chris1731 says:

    Perfect article for me this morning.

    I feel at times I sacrificed so much of me for our family. When my x-wife’s mother was ill for almost 2yrs; I gave up a lot of me for the family. Took a lower paying job to be close to home, did all her normal chores the best I could, plus mine and helped our daughters with homework. I even took her mother to doctors appointments….etc. She passed away and a few months later, I found a new job doubled my income hired a maid to help her out.

    Then only to find out several months later that she hadn’t been taking care of her mother as much as she had been saying…. rather her co-worker.

    I was the waiting for that 1970’s researcher to come back; so I could get the 2nd marshmallow! Put off trips, anniversaries and so much more…

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