Power In a Story

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I used to let my story tell me. I was the first wife of the bigamist. I was the woman whose husband left with a text message. I was the runner who could barely walk after my world was washed away with a tsunami divorce. I used to let my story tell me. Until I learned how to tell my story. Click to read the rest of the post on All Things Healing and learn about the workshop that caused my perspective to shift.

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  1. Looks like a great new place to have your posting 🙂

    Inspite of the crummy room. the lousy weather, the getting sick, the having to leave early—–there were still some real and huge benefits from that conference. Bravo!!!!

  2. I too had a tsunami hit and I can understand exactly what you have been saying in your posts. I find it helpful to write, for my own self healing, and started writing my story. My daughter got a beautiful tatoo of a lily with the words underneath, “Just Breathe”, and I knew when I started writing the book that that was what the title would be since they, (my children) were the ones to “find” their father with someone else. They, unfortunately, have had to be involved since the very beginning. When I read your article just now and got to the part where you said your learned to breathe again, it was almost like a sign that I should finish writing my story. I just wanted you to know I love reading your posts and articles and it goes to show you that some peoples tragedies can be other peoples healings and lessons. I wish you all the best and I know one day, hopefully soon, I can be in the place where you are now, it is my mission.

  3. I also had a tsunami divorce, although still waiting for the divorce part. I find that writing helps me and I started to write my story a little while ago. My daughter got a beautiful tatoo with a lily and the words “Just Breathe” under it. Since both my kids, (older) were the ones who found my husband with someone else, they have been involved, unfortunately, from the very beginning. I thought it would be a great title for the book to be “Just Breathe” and when I read in your article that you could begin to breathe again, it seemed like a little sign to me to continue and finish the book. I have been getting emails and following your twitter since I read your article in Huffington Post, since your story was so similar to mine. It helps in the healing to read about other people who have been through this and how they made it past the very difficult, and sometimes unbearable times after the initial shock. I have been getting your emails and following you on twitter and just wanted to say thank you. Sometimes peoples tragedies being shared can really be helpful to others, to know they’re not alone. I will continue with my book and look forward to many more inspiring words you can share.

    1. I am so glad that you are finding some comfort in the stories of those who have gone before you and I love that you want to use your story to offer hope and encouragement to those who are beginning their journeys:) Great title – breathing is such a simple process yet one that we often neglect when we are stressed or in pain. As long as you keep breathing, anything is possible.

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