In Honor of National Running Day: Why I Run

I run not to get away,  but to get through.

I run not to become out of breath, but to gain breath.

I run to be social and I run for solitude.

I run to connect and I run to disconnect.

I run not to avoid work, but to inspire work.

I run to feel empowered and I run to remind myself that I am still weak.

I run to meditate and I run to ruminate.

I run not to lose weight, but to gain balance.

I run because it is what I do.

Because I run, I can be who I am.

And that is why I run.


3 thoughts on “In Honor of National Running Day: Why I Run

  1. Great post 🙂 I love reading about what motivates other runners. They say running is cheaper than therapy.. So true!

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