Psychology May be a Soft Science, But She Drives a Hard Bargain

Statue of Pax in the garden of Pavlovsk Palace

I used to think that I could reason my way through anything.  I viewed psychology and the other soft sciences with derision, much preferring the absolutes of the harder sciences and mathematics.  I thought I could if-then my way through anything, repair any damage with deduction, and apply analytical reasoning to solve any dilemma.

I was wrong.

Psychology may be a soft science, but she drives a hard bargain.  She lets her influence be felt, even if her presence is ignored or denied.  We can try to avoid her, turning our minds away, but she is still there.  Influencing our thoughts, driving our behaviors, pressing on our insecurities.  We can pretend as though we are strong enough to not feel her sway, but it is an illusion. In fact, the more she is ignored, the more powerful she becomes.  She has the power to destroy, to eat from the inside out.  It is best to befriend her, to listen to her and try to understand.  Accept her ways and feel her influence.  Allow her intuition to soften deduction.  Embrace the feelings she shares with your analytical mind.  Welcome her and she will only make you stronger, reinforcing reasoning with her gentle touch.

Psychology may drive a hard bargain, but it’s a bargain you’ll want to take.


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2 thoughts on “Psychology May be a Soft Science, But She Drives a Hard Bargain

  1. hmmm. I was a psych major for a while…until it became clear that they didn’t know much. But that was back in the dark ages.
    Now I embrace good principles, take responsibility for my actions and thoughts, etc. It’s a better world in that regard.

    1. I was a psych major too…mainly because it was easy for me (growing up with a counselor for a mom) and, at the time, I just needed an undergrad in something as a stepping stone.

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