8 Years Ago Today

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  1. Bonnie payne says:

    I love your blog. 29 years my husband and I were married, I had no idea he was a devious , lying cheat, let alone narcissist. I grieved so badly I lost 30 pounds, cried for 3 months, blood pressure up to 189, almost had a stroke, I loved him so much. Your case a lot worse than mine, but just as painful.your book was a very big help to me. I just found a birthday card from him, it said to my beauty wife, my soul mate, my best friend, I love you so much, yet., he threw me away. Thank you for your book and your blog, they are a big help to me, and I am sorry for all you went through, but happy that you defeated him a d have a good man and are happy now. I am still in pain, it’s not over yet

    • stilllearning2b says:

      I am so sorry that you ended up with a man who was not worthy of your love and devotion. I hope that your pain begins to fade and that you can find happiness on the other side of all this.

  2. Michele Covino says:

    Unbelieveable post! Thank you! It has been a year since this all took place. I aspire to be where you are in 7 years. Thank you!

    • stilllearning2b says:

      The growth and healing is more exponential than linear. It’s starts out (painfully) slow, but then eventually accelerates. You’ll get there!

  3. Bought tears to my eyes. Brilliant piece of writing. My story was different we survived, we made a new life, we all have a story to tell, that I believe can help,others. Moisy

    • stilllearning2b says:

      I definitely believe that we can help to heal others (and ourselves!) by sharing our stories:)

  4. divorcedmomwinning says:

    This is a great summary – it’s been four years since my paperwork was signed and I’m just now getting my feet under me in order to start a blog and reflect on the madness that happened and how I’ll take it, learn from it and move forward with a better understanding of people and relationships. It was so overwhelming – not all of it in a bad way for me but overwhelming none the less. I’ll be scouring your blog since I just found it. Thanks for your thoughtful and relevant writing!

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