How to Fight Fairly With Your Spouse

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  1. Great piece. I’m still learning how to fight properly. I’m getting better at the letting go but I’m not great at the emotional part. One day I’ll get it.

  2. L.J. Burke says:

    I don’t like the word “fight” so much. My ex had to win at all costs. She was incredibly competitive and that made any type of discussion that wound up heated that much worse. My advise is to keep it classy folks. Stay focused on the issue at hand. Keep the airing of your grievances to festivus (Seinfeld). Stay away from name calling and profanities during your disagreements. Of course having a marital spat won’t end well if one or both of you are intoxicated. Drunk fights at 2:00 a.m. usually do not resolve much and will most likely end up making the situation much worse.
    Good luck everybody!!!

  1. March 16, 2019

    […] And while we’re on the subject of arguments, here’s some pointers on how to fight fairly with your spouse. […]

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