4 Budget-Friendly Finds That Help Tame Stress

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  1. vjearle says:

    Thanks for the yoga link – I’m on it! I also do the colouring – so calming, and bought oil diffusers for everyone else for Christmas and now realize my mistake (I need one too). The only other thing I would add is that I listen to books on tape ( There’s still something comforting about having a story read to you.

  2. hopenotgone says:

    I’ve been thinking about this post since I read it yesterday. I had forgotten about how much smell affects me, and it was a good reminder to make sure I address that again. I actually think smell is part of why cleaning is so important for me. The smell of the cleaners and of clean laundry makes me as happy as having a clean space. The act of cleaning is also a nice way to de-stress sometimes.
    Music is another way to deal with stress. I have XM radio in my car (just a few bucks a month), and my cable company offers music channels. I take advantage of having some music playing whenever the house feels too quiet.
    Regular exercise is an important part of keeping my stress down. I do have a gym membership, but sometimes I go for a hike instead. Being in nature is another great way to deal with stress.
    Keeping up friendships is another important way to deal with stress.
    Animals help sooth my stress also. Not just my cats, but the birds that I draw in with a bird feeder, and the squirrels that I feed. Both the cats and I enjoy watching them.
    Plants lower my stress as well. I have found ways to have both cats and plants. A few plants are outside, but I also have houseplants. One plant hangs, the rest are on bookshelves where the cats do not go. So far, there haven’t been any catastrophes. I am planning on hanging more plants.
    Hot baths are one of my favorite ways to de-stress. I take one most nights.

  3. Jana says:

    Mindful meditation – it works for me! There are low costs books/CD’s that one can purchase and I’m sure there are resources online. I went to some classes, which did cost a bit, but were worth the money. I also find that going for a walk in the sun always calms me and lifts my mood. Even when it is 35 degrees, I’ll just put on my winter coat, hat, earmuffs, and gloves and walk for about 30 minutes.

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