The Ex Purge: How to Break Up in the Digital Age

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  1. zombiedrew2 says:

    Great post. Saying goodbye when you aren’t the one who wanted it is very, very difficult. But if you continue to follow what your ex is doing you are preventing yourself from healing and allowing them to continue to control your life.

  2. You’re right! Once was the day when they were gone and they’d stay gone. Truthfully – I don’t know if that’s any better. At least now you can make the choice not to know. Good for you making that choice Lisa!

    • I don’t know either. I wonder sometimes if I made the right choice (although it didn’t feel like a choice at the time) to locate mine. I would have had no answers or even any knowledge that he was alive. It would have been easier and cheaper. But… I think we need a certain amount of information before we can let it go.

      Feel for you with navigating this with kids.

  3. Tessa says:

    My children unwittingly tell me what their dad is up to by complaining that he did that or he did this.

    • I know it’s tough when there are kids. I felt it from the kid’s perspective. I would want to share something cool about one parent with the other, but then I saw the pain it caused. It was tough to separate experiences between them.

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