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I’ve never been one for resolutions. They always seemed punitive to me – starting with the belief that you’ve been “bad” and need to be “good.” They are usually black and white, leaving little room for adjustment. Most people give up on their resolutions within weeks. I merely need to count the heads in the gym every January to see this in action. People start out with the loftiest goals and, when they fail to meet them, they often internalize the failure, leading to the demise of the intention.

All of that is not to say that resolutions are inherently ineffectual. Growth and change is important and should be embraced. And it can be done while embracing your imperfect, human self. Rather than see resolutions as a single question, pass/fail exam, look at it as a process, a cycle. There is no failure, no shame in being less than perfect. Rather, each time you fall short of your intention, is simply a sign to learn and begin again.


Take the time to celebrate what you have. Recognize the good in yourself and your life. See what is rather than fixate on what is not. Allow the gratitude to spill over into all areas.


Whatever we nurture, grows. Rather than trying to shore up your weaknesses, start by enhancing your gifts. Begin by building yourself up rather than tearing yourself down. Be creative; often our strengths can be utilized to mitigate our flaws.


Set your intention. See it, feel it. Believe in it and in yourself. Be forgiving; if you don’t reach your goal, recognize it and try again. It’s okay not to make it on the first shot. Keep trying and you’ll get a little better every time. And when you’re beating up on yourself for falling short, celebrate and begin again.

I wish for all you the happiest of new years. Remember that your past is the teacher that gave you the lessons you need to create the future you desire. Now go celebrate:)



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