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Something about living amongst boxes makes me feel as though I’m scatterbrained. At least it’s temporary. I hope.

I’m a bit too scattered to compose a complete and cohesive post, so I’ll share some of my random thoughts with you today.

This is the birthday gift my dad sent me.







Yeah, he’s pretty damn cool. And funny:)

I’m making regular trips to Goodwill lately as we are purging while packing. It makes me wonder how much of the stuff from my former life made it there. Used items contain so many stories, don’t they. Houses are much the same. Brock made me laugh when he explained his desire to repaint the master bedroom in the new house (even though it looks just fine) as a need to “piss on the walls” of his new home to make it his. Boys will be boys:) and I’m sure Tiger would fully support his sentiment.

Speaking of paint…I thought I was done with the Great Paint Chip Choosing of 2013 but then Brock made a statement that made it clear he wasn’t really paying attention when I ran the choices by him a couple weeks ago. Deep breath.

We are set to close this Friday (lots of deep breaths!) and take possession on Monday. I’m ready to do this thing rather than exist in the crazy-making in-between. I just bought Brock a housewarming present to put in his man cave  – a personalized wall-mounted bottle opener. There’s a selfish twist to it too – it has a cap catcher so I don’t have to deal with bottle caps scattered about:) We’re both excited about creating our spaces – man cave theater for him and back yard/porch for me.

I’ve also had some fun this morning planning a few wedding details. I found a restaurant with a dog-friend patio for us to eat at after the wedding. I bought him a small wedding gift and started planning a special dinner at the cabin the night before the wedding which will include his favorite crabcakes flown in from Baltimore. I made crabcakes for him from scratch for his birthday a few years ago. Yeah, that was not any easy task for a lifelong vegetarian. Ugh.

FYI – these are meant to be surprises. If you know him, mum’s the word, please:)

Meanwhile, this weekend has allowed me a few moments to breathe before the moving and painting begin. I traveled across town yesterday to visit with the great and wonderful Sarah and her daughter, Kayla. The latter promptly covered me with stickers and said they were my badges:) Love that kid.

Today, I’ve enjoyed the sun. Atlanta has been impersonating Seattle all summer, so today is a welcome change. The deck and a newly available library book are calling my name.

And, finally, in case you’re not on my Facebook page (and, why aren’t you?:) ), I thought I’d share this thought here as well:

It’s important to acknowledge that healing is not linear. Although you may generally be doing better each day, there will be some setbacks when a trigger is encountered. It’s wild how certain things can take you back to the raw pain of the beginning. As you heal, those triggers will be fewer and further between and the pain they induce will lessen. I’ve always hated the platitude, “Time heals all wounds.” But it’s true. I feel like I owe time a thank you note:)

Happy Sunday, ya’ll and I’ll see ya on the flipside.

Thank you for sharing!

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