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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Adventures in Publishing

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Somehow it seems appropriate to be here three years after my tsunami divorce.

Just days after the end, I picked up a pen and wrote voluntarily for the first time in my life.  Days after that, I moved my journal to the computer and began to craft a book out of my life. I wrote consistently, even compulsively, for a couple months.  It was therapy.  I spewed my rage and sorrow upon the keyboard and somehow some a story was crafted. Then, as abruptly as I started writing, I stopped.  For two years, I knew that I intended to finish the book, but I couldn’t bring myself to work on it.  The original intensity had faded, yet it was too painful to give the file more than a cursory look.

Finally, last winter, I knew I was ready to begin again.  A friend recommended that I start this blog.  It was a great suggestion, as this has been a place for honing my writing, brainstorming ideas, learning to be comfortable with my writing and story being “out there,” and it has opened up bigger opportunities.  It has also been a distraction from writing the book; 800 word typo-filled blog posts are much easier to write than a full-length fully-edited book.  Who knew? 🙂

It’s tangible.

My goal for this summer was to actually finish the book rather than just talk about it.  I’m pretty much there.  It’s written. It’s formatted. It’s currently being edited.  Once the final changes are made, I’ll upload the final version into KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and click “submit.” (…and then re-format the whole thing again for the print version…but I’m not ready to think about that yet!)

A few months ago, I wrote a post contemplating when I could call myself a writer.  I definitely feel like one now after a solid month of sitting on a hard chair in a hot office pounding away at the keys.  The sore brain and butt confirm it. So does the almost full ream of paper it took to print the thing for the editor:)

Computer on the left, book on the right.

It’s been a crazy summer pushing to get all my projects done before school starts up again (which for teachers around here is just a couple weeks away!). I used a 4-part motivation/organization/idea board to keep me going.

FYI – “Body” has my marathon training schedule and reminders to stretch!

It’s crazy to think that I’ll be ready to change the label on the “book” square soon.  Any suggestions for what I should add there?

I know my boyfriend and the animals will be happy to have me spend more time downstairs instead of holed up in my office.  He (the boyfriend, not the dog!) leaves me little notes around my desk.  I found this one in the spiral I use to jot down notes a couple days ago.

You finally get to see what the boyfriend looks like! 🙂

Tiger and Maddy have enjoyed my time writing.  This is on the couch behind my desk.

We think of Tiger as a Pit Bull Ambassador.

This has been an amazing adventure.  The book has been so therapeutic to write; working with the story has helped to distance me from some of the pain.  I have learned so much in the process as I have taken the needed steps to take the book from its infancy three years ago to a finished and published (and hopefully read!) product.

I love that I’m celebrating (yes, celebrating) the three-year anniversary of the tsunami with the completion of the book. It feels like I’m ready to close that chapter of my life and move on to my new lessons.

Until then, I am enjoying some summer (which means resting my brain and running my butt) while awaiting word (hopefully not too many!) from the editor.  And, soon, I hope to push “submit!”

Adventures in Publishing, Part II

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20 thoughts on “Adventures in Publishing

  1. Congratulations! I think crafting any book is a major accomplishment (except perhaps 50 Shades of Whateverthatwas). But, to do so with something so personal, so emotionally & mentally draining is simply amazing.

    Here’s hoping the editor is kind.

    1. Oh, Fifty Shades…don’t get me started:) I actually think it was easier to write about something so personal and so powerful; the beginning almost wrote itself. Now, being vulnerable and sharing something so personal and powerful is a whole other thing! I hope the editor and the critics are kind:)

  2. Congrats on the finish…I can only dream…but I am praying by the end of summer mine will be done…best wishes on editing publishing, promoting, marketing, and finding a place to stash all the royalty checks until you can get to the bank. 🙂

    Be encouraged!

  3. Such an amazing thing you have done. It takes great will and courage to put yourself on the page and make a book. No matter what happens from here, you will always know that you did this amazing thing.

    You’re a writer, no question about it.

  4. “Like the man said, ‘Ta-dah!'” Kudos to you Ms Professional Writer. 😀 Those published on HuffPost are professionals. Um, yes, that would be you. 😀

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. There is some distance that comes with time needed to create perspective that is interesting for the reader. I like your four-part motivation board, and enjoyed the drawing!

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