What Set Theory Can Teach Us About Marriage

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  1. I Do. Me 2. says:

    I must say that this question was an intriguing challenge for me. I believe that our marriage is more like the first choice (Union Diagram) according to your description, “each partner brings his or her whole self to the marriage and loses nothing when their lives overlap.” However, this is a relationship that developed over time. There were times that I felt as if I had lost elements of myself. But I realized that I had actually put them aside because I thought that it was required. I am still learning that much of my self denial was self inflicted based upon my own presuppositions.

    In fact the more that I consider the various diagrams, I might have related to each symbol in one period of time concerning our marriage.

    Thank you for this post. DrMJ

  2. clownonfire says:

    I will have to think about this one, but I think my wife and I are in the “Union” subset… I’ll be back with this one.
    Le Clown

  3. Rick says:

    Maybe only during a “honeymoon” phase but couldn’t a complete union, where all values of each are equal, exist also? To have been young and in love at one time, all I saw in my partner was the reflection of my feeling toward her.
    Then by the same token a non-union is possible (or maybe that is called divorce if left unresolved)? Over time many couples may grow apart for various reasons; most overcome it, some learn to live with it and others eventually divorce.
    However, that is only an observation of my experience. I do think relationships 1)do not remain in one realm over time and 2)the heart of a successful one lays in the vows taken by each person (with or without a ceremony).

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