Unraveling Expectations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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    Lisa –

    Many, many grains of wisdom in this post. I am no longer married due to unrealistic expectations on my part that he would be faithful (yes, said with some sarcasm). My life today is peaceful and calm. I still find, however, that I am having a hard time reconciling that I may be a single woman the rest of my days. As it is now, I have no desire to date or have another man come in and upend the little routines of my current life that I have worked hard to establish after an incredibly turbulent year and a half. But, at the same time I am bombarded with couples on TV, in the grocery store, friend’s conversation geared toward couple events and / or meeting a new man, etc. My life as it is today is not aligned with the life that society unrealistically tries to impose on me. Subconscious expectations are everywhere! Reconciling the two is an ongoing challenge for me.

    I am going to make a copy of this post and highlight what will help me to do that in the future. Thank-you. Mick Jagger’s voice of The Rolling Stones is now echoing around in my head. I believe there was a song that was written similar to what you wrote: “We don’t always get what we want. Yet sometimes as a result, we end up with exactly what we need.” Maybe my new mantra? 😉

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