Let’s Be Friends

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  1. My ex-fiancé of 7 years and I had few friends, in general, much less in common during our relationship—but I was a phenomenal step-mom during that time and nearly 2.5 years after I left him, his father just charged the ac in my car—free of charge—2 days ago. It made me realize just how much I missed my family. It’s brutal, feeling almost shunned, because you didn’t get the love you deserved from your partner.

  2. All of the couple friends stuck with my Ex. I realized that it was because they were his friends and I really didn’t have my own. This was a part of my dissatisfaction with my marriage. He really discouraged me having friends or spending time with them. This loss of so-called friends hurt immensely. I was sad and angry in turns, but I have moved on. Now when I have seen them at events for my kids, I smile and am friendly. When they claim to want to get together and they miss me, I continue to smile and say “I would love to get together. Give me a call any time.” My phone has yet to ring, and that’s fine. My life is full without them and my journey continues.

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