Important Lessons You Learn From Living Alone

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  1. Excellent read and one that helps me recall what it was like to face silence for the first times after 25 years of marriage. My story has similarities and differences, but I welcome the memories. I both relished and hated the silence, had to learn to welcome the pain that sometimes came with it — as embracing the pain was essential to the healing that followed.

  2. Lou says:

    Lisa, I’ve watched a ton of videos and read a zillion blogs since my marriage of 32 years ended due to her infidelity. I’ve owned my part, and I want to thank you for your contributions to all of us out here in this broken world. You have been a constant source of relatable information and support for myself and I’m guessing a lot of others. It’s been 9 months since D-Day and I’m finally feeling the healing. The divorce is taking forever but hopefully I have some closure soon. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me.

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