How to Get Over Being Cheated On

get over being cheated on

“How do I get over being cheated on?”

This phrase makes its way into my messages several times a week.

And no matter how many times I read it, my stomach still clenches at those words.

Because I can remember the desperation that I had for that answer. It was part fear – “Can I EVER move past this?” and part plea for help – “HOW in the world can I get through this gutting pain?”

Required Readings: The Aftermath of Infidelity

Here’s what I wish I could go back and tell myself in those first, awful months after the discovery of betrayal:

Thank you for sharing!

14 thoughts on “How to Get Over Being Cheated On

  1. Your blogs and videos are so helpful to me on this journey. The “Aftermath of infidelity” was particularly great. Thank you for giving me hope after her betrayal of a 32 year marriage.

    1. They sure do. And it’s one challenge after another for awhile. As you know, there are no guarantees that someone won’t cheat. But now you know what to look for and I’ll bet you’ll choose better the next time!

      Also, you now know that you CAN handle things on your own. You trust yourself. That’s HUGE!

            1. In some ways, yes. Especially in regards to the physical signs of trauma I still held and the anger that was still very strong. We took it slowly and my husband was patient. At some point, I believe there’s some healing that can only occur within the context of an emotionally intimate relationship.

  2. Waterandfir – I never thought that I would be blogging. Writing was one of the things I despised during my childhood. Growing older, with all the pressure, angst and stress of being an adult. I found myself a notebook and pen writing away. Ever since then, it's been an outlet for me. Most are my experienced, others are from other people in which I've been a part of. I hope that as you read through that it would inspire, encourage and admonish you. Not to give up or be dismayed. I know how it feels to be a sinner, hopeless, failed, even rejected by the people who suppose to be there for you. Stand your ground for we are all passing through this world, the proving ground of souls. Eternity is all that matters, which are unseen. Comments, questions , email me at
    waterandfire34 says:

    Thanks, you hit this right in the nail.

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