When It’s Raining, Let it Rain

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  1. gypsygurl64 says:

    Great analogy. Sometimes we just have to keep moving even though is raining. Sometimes it feels like we’re moving through the gumbo mud that famous in the South. 😉

  2. Kalpanaa says:

    I loved your analogy and your determination. Hats off to you.

  3. That’s a lovely thought. Beautiful writing.

  4. nsymns says:

    I could feel myself right there alongside of you! Your writing always touches me in the most needed spots. Thank YOU!

    • Thank you:))

      • nsymns says:

        Lisa, I’ve said it before, as many others have, too, that your writing and how it reflects your thoughts and feelings you’ve had and have today, could not be a better fit for me, & so many of us who follow you and feel what you’re telling us could not be described and defined any better. Thank you for that. I almost feel as you’re a personal friend, only better, because you get this and us! 🙂

        • You have literally just made me cry. Thank you:) I write because I don’t want anyone else to feel alone in their divorce. The words I hear back make all I went through worth every moment.

          • nsymns says:

            Awww! I hope a good cry! You are a VERY special woman, and I know this can’t always be easy, (how could it)? Hashing up the past and some of those dreaded feelings have to still affect you in some ways. I’m just glad you chose this road to help those of us like you to find our way back to ourselves that we knew and loved in outright honest, and raw ways, as well as the humorous correlations you choose. I so love how you defined dating after divorce as trying on clothes! I’ve left two men waiting for me to show up when I’ve made dates to meet them from a dating site. That was before I read your description. I’ve yet to make another, but you can bet I’ll be looking at it in a whole different light as I did when anxiety creeped in full force and shut me down. I apologized to both men, neither responding to me. And that was okay by me, I really didn’t want a do-over!

            • Happy tears, for sure:) And I want to hear about that next date!

              • nsymns says:

                Ha! It’s gonna be awhile I’m thinking. I can’t get on the dating site without freaking out like they’re seeing me in front of them! So many who don’t reply or if they do it’s “how are you”, or “hello”, or those stupid winks I hate so much! Lol 😂 It’s as if all the pressure of saying something worthwhile is all up to ME! Why is that? Ugh 😑!

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