What Happens When You Confuse Desire With Belief?

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  1. steeliedave says:

    “And when one is able to look back at life’s decisions with an open mind, an acceptance of paths chosen while also admitting that they may have been made in error, there is opportunity. A chance for clarity.”

    I loved that. It seems fleeting when the moment of clarity begins to bubble up into our waking thought but it is seismic in its flow. Great piece.

  2. V.J. says:

    Great insight. I also think that we only face things when we are ready, and equipped to deal with them. Love the comparison to Santa Clause – I too, wanted so much for it all to be real.

  3. Very powerful post with great insight and wisdom.

  4. kaldonia67 says:

    Lisa, a truly insightful and real post. Our perceptions are not always reality. It takes kindness of self and calmness of heart to see what “is.” Mindfulness will keep oneself rooted in truth. Many blessings to you, Lisa. And to everyone.

  5. Patrick says:

    Being a member of the dissolution club is not fun but we are in a far better place. Merry Christmas! I hope your day is filled with new memories and happiness.

  6. I love this post! So insightful, and definitely something I didn’t know I needed. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  7. nsymns says:

    Wow. Yes. All of this. All of me for YEARS wishing for my desires I believed in to be valid & true versus what I was really hearing & sometimes seeing but allowing myself to still believe the lies told to cover up what I’d been seeing in the light of day along with in the strangest of places they took us at times it was as simple as black & white what I was seeing in the dark shadows to be what I never wanted to believe. And to later tell those “tales” to certain people as if I were still believing them & myself for telling them & what I saw to be somehow ok in all of its impossibility because even my own eyes saw it wasn’t but I was listening to the mouth (his), telling me things were my imagination & the beginning of my “craziness” as a wife/victim to a first class narcissist.
    This was said perfectly as it related to myself & just how badly I wanted to believe, Lisa.
    Some scenes & episodes as I call them, really make me wonder just how myself & many of us do make it through so much. We are all in fact, stronger than most of us ever imagined ourselves to be. Thanks for perfect clarity here for me as well.

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