What to Expect In Your Teenager When You’re Divorcing

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  1. Madeline Harper says:

    I have all teens in my home as I divorce and I think about this all the time “what’s teenage angst and what’s divorce angst, because I can’t tell the difference!” Thanks for sharing these insights!

  2. vjearle says:

    Advice that someone gave me when I went through divorce with three teens – kids adjust once the parents do. Reality, I discovered, is that the kids suffer on long beyond the parents.

  3. Such a terribly difficult time in my life. My poor kiddos suffered so. Took me a long time to forgive myself. I still struggle with it. Thank you for this post.

    • Sorry they suffered and you had to watch them suffer. Divorce is hard on all, but we can heal. And part of healing for the parents is accepting that you did the best you could at the time and letting go of any guilt. As a child of divorce, I had some remnants into adulthood, but I’ve never blamed my parents for them – they were dealing the best they could too.

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