Five Years Ago Today

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  1. oh2bhuman says:

    Oh I am so happy for you…what a journey…funny how we can’t see our way out of the muck and then voila one day we can see clearly.

  2. Lynne says:

    I’m still on that journey and looking forward to my Voila Day

  3. Ray says:

    Happy anniversary! You are a much stronger, wiser, more loving, appreciative person than you ever imagined, I bet?

  4. nadine says:

    Very happy for you. This September it will be 4 years for me. It’s eerie how similar how all those statements are to my own. I mean, if you would replace five years ago to 4 years ago, i would be reading my own thoughts and my own feelings. Except one, i stared him down (during a support hearing), i wanted him to look me one time, just one time, in the eyes since deciding on his own to end our family life and move in with another woman he had been secretly seeing for over a year, a co-worker and getting fired from his well paying job for having said affair, thus leaving me to foot all the bills for a time on my own. Did me make eye contact, no, did he apologize, ever? no, if anything he tried to blame the whole thing on me, his actions, his loss of love for me, he footed the entire mess squarely on my shoulders, everything and still does to this day. I was with my ex husband from ages 16-32. almost half my life, and i had 3 years of hard therapy after the marriage ended to learn for myself the destructive, passive aggressive man he always was, and is. I needed my marriage to end, to learn how to live, and to love and feel good about myself. I appreciate everything, every experience, every tear, every struggle, which financially i still deal with even to today. I can’t be the wise, old, grandmother one day, talking and advising my future generations without the appreciation for my struggles, and what they have taught me and future generations about life. No one can be come an adviser, a know all, see all wonder, while having an easy life eating bon bons in a pent house never having a struggle! lol

  5. annieemmy says:

    Love this. Especially this: “Because being destroyed made me defiantly want to succeed.” Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Anonymous says:

    someone said “forget what hurt you, never forget what it taught you.”
    maybe it was you Lisa??? It is a remarkable journey that you cannot possibly understand until you embark and then disembark. You have done great work, inspired many followers with your voice, strength and tenacity to endure, grow and move on. Thank you.

  7. I am only at 1.5 months right now, but it took 2 years to get there. I feel so much happier than I was 2 years ago. I also have found much better friendships, have a much better perspective and know how strong I can really be. Knowing that I don’t have to depend on anyone is really nice, possibly the best feeling I have ever had.

  8. BecHanson says:

    You’ve come such a long way in five years, it’s very important to acknowledge this milestone. I know those feelings you are experiencing and there really is nothing better than knowing you can do it. Well done and thanks for sharing everything you’ve learned along the way!

  9. souldancer44 says:

    Beautifully written! You are a strong and courageous woman and I love that you have turned your life in such a positive direction

  10. I am in a different position than you because legal financial separation has still not quite happened – three and a half years later. Although I am nearly there I am not quite at the ‘celebration’ stage. Even-so, I consider the ending of my marriage a turning point as there has been growth and experiences for me that I would not otherwise have had. I feel that I am a stronger wiser person. I agree with your last line ‘I could not be where I am without five (three) years ago today.’

  11. dlj513 says:

    This all hits so close to home. I’m happy you’re happy and that there is hope for me!

  12. “because being destroyed made me defiantly want to succeed” — this definately rings true for me. I might still be with my husband, but I have bettered myself so much in the past two years.. thanks for this post..
    I feel like my grieving process is almost over finally, and that divorce may be the only way I can move on… despite how badly I have wanted my marriage to succeed, I just dont see it heading that way.

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