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  1. hicksj1981 says:

    Such great advice. Never really thought of it like that. At this stage in the game, VERY sound advice!

  2. pithewaterwarrior says:

    So true. Everyone, including me, thought I was the luckiest woman in the world. He was the best husband ever, until it came out that he wasn’t.

  3. WOW…definition of my husband…I totally feel like there is something off with him, but there’s nothing to back up what I feel…no facts, but somethings is missing, it wasn’t there before and now it is… Even after the knowledge of the affair for a while we were moving forward, but there is something in between us and I do not think it’s me…I guess I could be wrong, but I wasn’t wrong before. I feel a deep disgust with him and intimacy on all levels feels a bit imitation/fake/play act to me…I try to go along but I’m just not there.

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